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10+ Years of Experience in GameMaker: Studio and Programming


I am a professional game developer with 10 years of experience in GameMaker: Studio and web development. I use both GameMaker: Studio 1.4 and GameMaker: Studio +2.3 and can develop games for Desktop, Mobile, and HTML5.

I have 7 GameMaker: Studio assets, two of which are featured on the GameMaker: Marketplace.


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One of my clients wanted to modify the Blackjack Complete asset into a Multi-hand Blackjack.

Blackjack asset modified into a Multi Hand Blackjack game.

Projects I Have Done for Clients

I work closely with my clients, and make sure they are completely satisfied with the projects they want. I am also open to suggestions, and will change/fix things in the game even after delivery.

Here are some projects I have done for clients.

Networking: Accounts and Online Leaderboard

Another project had been finished, an accounts system, and an online leaderboard system, along with a registration page developed using HTML and BOOTSTRAP. All GML HTTP requests were handled with PHP & MySQLi, using highly secured PHP scripts and methods to avoid SQL injections and unauthorized POSTMAN & cURL requests. All the processing and heavy work is done on the server-side, and GameMaker merely sends a request to the server.

Players can create their accounts via the game's website or within the game, they can also log in to their accounts and keep their high scores in an online leaderboard that the player can choose to retrieve the "Top 100 High Scores" within "All Time," "This Year," "This Month," or "The Past 7 Days."

Features include but not limited to the following:

Considerable features:

1. Log into and register accounts within the game.
2. Auto login if user checked "Remember Me"
3. Cookies and Score.
4. Unverified accounts will be deleted after 24 hours.
5. Advanced security with high performance.

1. Local leaderboard displaying player's top 10 scores.
2. Online leaderboard displaying top 100 scores within [all time, this year, this month, past 7 days]
3. Scrollable leaderboard area to display 100 records comfortably.
4. rm_highscore_update updates highscore, just send the highscore variable there.
5. Local highscore is updated as well.
6. If no internet access is available, player will play offline.
7. Advanced security and high performance.

Many, many, MANY MORE features. Flexible code on the server and the client side.

Registration Page Design HTML & Bootstrap

Real-time Online Status and Accounts

Login System and Accounts Management

The client wanted a "lock system" for their private game, my client would have a control panel on a website, where he can create accounts and also remove them. The account holders are the only people allowed to play the game. Within the game, a login page is present in the opening. Once the account holder signs in (using their username and password), they would be transferred to the game, otherwise an error would pop-up and they won't access the game. The process is simple:

  1. A player opens the game, he would be presented with a login page.
  2. The player enters their login credentials, created previously by my client.
  3. The game would connect to a database on a server and retrieve the user information if the login was successful, otherwise, they would receive an error message, "Login was unsuccessful!"
  4. Once the player had logged in, they would be transferred to the game, and their online status will be "online."

My client is also provided with an easy-to-use control panel directly from their website, they can.

  • Create accounts for new players.
  • Remove accounts.
  • Keep track of total logins, today's logins (in case someone else has been using the same account, one would know if an account had been used without permission), and their online status.

Real-Time Online Status System

One of the features in this system, and the one both my client and I are very proud of, is the real-time online status system. You can play the game and see which one of your friends is playing at the same time as you are, and when they have turned off the game.

The system is completely programmed using PHP and MySQL, and the heavy work is done on the server-side, on the client-side (the game and within GameMaker), the game just retrieves and updates information, therefore not slowing down the game with processes.

This system could also be incorporated into online games, html5 games, or mobile games, any game that requires keeping track of players' online status, as long as they have accounts.

Players that have logged into the game won't be able to log in again from another device or window. This could be helpful in identifying which account is being used.

Ghoul n Ghosts Debugging
uZombie Website

An old project, I have developed this website for a client for his game, uZombie.


After we worked together on Blackjack, my client decided to renew the contract to develop a Roulette Wheel. Even though the development was a little challenging, the project was delivered within 3 days.

Multi Hand Blackjack

After trying out my asset, PapuDante emailed me to modify my Blackjack asset and develop a Multihand Blackjack game for him. Even though I had the Blackjack asset ready, I decided to build the game from scratch, to meet the client's expectations and include all the features he wants. As well as plan everything ahead for future updates.

The game took 5 days to be developed. And had been updated twice after delivery.

Clients' Reviews

I have just finished working with BiTrunade (project above) and it was pleasure to work with him. He was fast, efficient and very helpful - and he's happy to give feedback when asked. Project came out way better than I had hoped.

Cliftonbazaar on Accounts system and an Online Leaderboard

He has designed great games for us, we have customized some video games, he does a fast and efficient job and in our case he corrected all our doubts, improving our initial idea, he has given us the option of adding some features and fixing bugs in our projects in his free time, he has exceeded all our expectations.

PapuDante on Multi Hand Blackjack and Roulette

I was looking for information about a server and with his feedback we ended up creating an interface for our game, you are very creative and what I like the most is that you work fast and he is open to making changes.

PapuDante on Login System and Accounts + A Real-time Online Status System

I gotta say, I was really impressed with the way my website turned out. They're good at what they do and they will make your webpage look professional.

mrjonwc on uZombieGame.com Website

[T]hanks for working with me and helping organize my code i had a lot of sloppy mistakes took maybe 6-8 hours to figure it all out with //comments on everything legit got me back on track!~

beanbox on organizing, debugging, and commenting a Ghoul n Ghosts project

GameMaker: Studio Assets

I have developed 7 GameMaker: Studio assets, two of which are featured on the GameMaker: Marketplace.

  1. Hearts - Advanced Project
  2. Texas Hold'em - Poker Project
  3. Blackjack Complete
  4. Blackjack Basic
  5. HiLo - Card Game
  6. Casino Bundle All above assets are included in this Bundle
  7. Carousel Characters Selection




Finest asset by one of the best marketplace publisher that is so helpful and responsive, and also open to receive suggestions to improve the asset. This Blackjack comes with very complete features!! Codes are well written and commented.

Handi W on Blackjack Complete


Works well I haven't found any bugs or crashes. The game has got nice animations and it just feels like a polished product in general. recommended. The code backbone is clean and understandable. The project structure is well made up. Though sometimes things could be a bit better documented, and this asset also just assumes you already know how this game works. If you can live with that and have a solid understanding of programming then this is worth 5 stars.

Thomas S on Hearts


[A]ny chance you release poker..wrote a bj simulator way back in time...anyway nice asset!!


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Carousel Characters Selection